Ripper was a great zine from the San Jose...I don't have a complete set (I'm still missing number 1), but every other issue is packed FULL of long, informative interviews and great photos. Issue 7 has to be the best piece of hardcore publishing I've seen--the Fix, Bad Brains, Effigies, Fartz, and Crucifix are all interviewed and there are short one paragraph blurbs about DOZENS of obscure early hardcore acts. That issue is what inspired me to start collecting zines with a vengeance. And to top it off, Tim Tonooka is a Grade A nice guy--he gave me permission to reprint most of issue 7 on my website. Damn!

I haven't assembled a complete index for Ripper like I did with Attack...simply because I'd have to redo the whole thing when I finally tracked down issue 1. Once I have issue 1 (or at least a good scan/photocopy of it), I'll finish the index.

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