Brad Knetl, 1981-2015

Brad was my best friend by choice and my cousin by blood, but he was my brother more than anything else. We built our first website together almost twenty years ago. We launched Dementlieu together fifteen years ago. Everything here is because of him. Everything to come is for him.

2016/06/08: Change is coming, friend.

Real life has been far too real of late and things have been allowed to slide. Hopefully they won't slip too much further. New websites are in the works, both for Dementlieu (whose design is nigh on a decade old, and which remains stubbornly unfinished) and for Signaland (whose backend design was inadequate for the realities of thrice-weekly updates).

Recent Work: Signal, Order III, Order II, Order I, Illumination, Carried, Orb, older work
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Quaker: Bridge

Shirley Highway (9 images)

Four Mile (14 images)

Four Mile: Different Every Time (13 images)

Mary Celeste (15 images), orphans (12 images)




Scenes from a Horror Movie (12 images), Aftermath (coming soon)

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Time Served previews:

Time Served overview (32 images)


Outside: What's In A Name? (6 images)

Inside (14 images)


Demolition: Belly of the Beast (4 images)

Construction (20 images)

Outside II

orphans (coming soon)


Creatures preview (32 images)

Plants and fungi preview (coming soon)



Flora: Leaves


Fauna: Inverts

Fauna: Inverts: Eggs

Fauna: Aquatic Inverts

Fauna: Verts

Fauna: Verts: People

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Light Pollution (13 images)


Common Cents

Tea and what's in it

Smooth 1 (15 images)

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