there's no love in these eyes 

[brad's visions]

like a missing eye

this is a sliver of brad's website as it existed in late 2002. the photo galleries are the only things i've enabled. just click on the "visions" link and there you are. but a warning first: after a certain date all the of the thumbnail images are broken and I haven't replaced them because my crops would never be brad's crops, but all of the links still work, except one, so please click through anyway.

when brad took his website down in 2003, i bugged him incessantly about bringing it back. like me, he planned and strategized and made a zillion mockups, but never actually took the final step of making a damned website again.

i used to threaten that if he didn't get a new website soon, i'd bring back his old one for him. i wasn't joking, bro.

james sinks
november 20, 2020

p.s. brad designed this in 2001. every website in the world wanted to look this cool. the only concession i've made to 19 years' passage is that the font is a smidge larger. if you want the authentic experience, imagine everything in 9pt courier new.

there's no soul in this vessel